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Job Opportunity : Postdoctoral Research Fellow

RISE (Research of Interior Structure and Evolution of the solar system bodies) is promoting planetary sciences and mission development for the exploration of the lunar and planetary interiors to investigate the origin and evolution of the Solar System. As a member of the HAYABUSA2-LIDAR (laser altimeter) team, the RISE Project is ready for the science observation starting from arrival at the target asteroid ‘Ryugu.’ Also the RISE Project is participating in the MMX (Martian Moons Explorer) of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and JUICE-GALA (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, Ganymede Laser Altimeter) of ESA (European Space Agency). Based on the study of lunar and planetary interior structure during the SELENE (Kaguya) mission, the RISE Project is now pursuing a new mission plan of small body exploration in corporation with ground-based observers and theoretical researchers.

The successful candidate (a) will participate in the operation of the HAYABUSA2-LIDAR as a LIDAR team member for the purpose of initial analysis and science research using the LIDAR data, and (b) contribute to the project’s initiative in research of the origin, evolution, and internal structure of small bodies. As for (b), we especially welcome a fellow who is willing to expand his/her own research with wide interests in the science of small bodies in the Solar System. Furthermore, the fellow shall contribute to the investigation and development of future small body exploration. The fellow is expected to spend up to 50 % of his/her time on jobs (a) and (b), and to spend the remaining 50 % of the time for his/her own research in accordance with RISE activities. The research proposal is expected to include the description of how the fellow can contribute for (a) and (b).

1. Project research fellow is a full-time position (38 h 45 min working hours/week) employed under the scheme of the annual salary system of NINS.

2. The fellow is expected to spend up to 50 % of his/her time on jobs requested by the project he/she belongs to. For details, see 5.

3. (1) The term starts as soon as possible after the employment decision. (2) The term is for three years, subject to annual review. If the applicant has been a project research fellow of NAOJ before, then the term will be shortened to less than three years so that his/her total period of employment at NAOJ does not exceed five years.

4. Office location: 2-12 Hoshigaoka-cho, Mizusawa, Oshu, Iwate, or 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.

5. (1) To participate in the operation of the HAYABUSA2-LIDAR as a LIDAR team member, initial analysis of the LIDAR data, and science research using them (2) To conduct research about the origin, evolution, or internal structure of the small bodies in the Solar System

6. The applicant must have a PhD degree in planetary science, astronomy, or related fields no later than the start of the term.

7. A good command of English language is essential.

8. The application documents (either in Japanese or English) must include:

(1) a curriculum vitae including a face photograph;

(2) a summary of past research activities;

(3) a list of publications (Separate refereed and non-refereed papers. For co-authored papers, list the names of all authors.);

(4) the main papers within 3 as pdf files; and

(5) a one-page outline of the applicant’s research plans.

In addition, the applicant should arrange for one letter of recommendation to be sent. The name of the person recommending the applicant should be identified in the application cover letter.

9. The application documents and the recommendation letter must be received by 17:00 JST (08:00 UT), June 25, 2018.

10. When the application documents are received, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant. If you do not receive the confirmation within three working days, please contact the inquiry address.

11 The fellow will receive a monthly salary of 350,000 JPY plus compensation for commuting expenses, and annual research funds of 500,000 JPY. There is no bonus or retirement allowance. The travel and relocation costs to NAOJ will be covered, subject to the travel regulations of NINS (the details need to be arranged with the Administration Office). For details about health insurance and pension plans, please contact the inquiry address. NAOJ is promoting equal opportunities for women in the workplace.

12. Applications and letters of reference should be sent to: (replace _AT_ with @-sign)


For inquiries, please contact:

Prof. Noriyuki Namiki, Director, RISE Project

RISE Project, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan

E-mail: (replace _AT_with @-sign)