3rd Meeting Program

2012/07/25 09:00 - 09:30 Opening Chair: Satoko SAWADA-SATOH
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09:2509:30Noriyuki KAWAGUCHIWelcome
2012/07/25 09:30 - 10:00 Status Report Chair: Tomoya HIROTA
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09:3009:45Se-Jin OHCurrent Activities of the Korea-Japan Correlation Center
09:4510:00Yoshiaki HAGIWARAUpgrade of the VERA telescopes for dual-polarization receiving
2012/07/25 10:00 - 10:35 Astrometry 1 Chair: Tomoya HIROTA
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10:0010:15Takumi NAGAYAMAReport of activity for astrometry science sub WG
10:1510:35Taehyun JUNGHigh-frequency VLBI survey with the multi-frequency phase referencing technique
2012/07/25 10:35 - 11:05 Coffee Break
2012/07/25 11:05 - 12:25 Astrometry 2 Chair: Bong Won SOHN
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11:0511:25Jeung Ae LEEProgress report of KVN calibrator survey (KVNCS) with VLBI
11:2511:45Nobuyuki SAKAIOuter rotation curve measurements with KAVARRAY (Kvn And Vera ARRAY)
11:4512:00Osamu KAMEYAPossible differential VLBI observations of pulsars using VLBI antennas
12:0012:10Yoshiaki TAMURAGeophysical observations at Mizusawa
2012/07/25 12:25 - 13:30 Lunch
2012/07/25 13:30 - 15:05 AGN 1 Chair: Yoshiaki HAGIWARA
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13:3013:45Bong Won SOHNJoint AGN WG activity report
13:4514:05Motoki KINOAGN observations with KVN+VERA: M87 and Sgr A*
14:0514:25Kotaro NIINUMAAGN observations with KVN+VERA: Results at 22 GHz and 43 GHz
14:2514:45Sang-Sung LEEKVN 43GHz fringe survey
2012/07/25 15:05 - 15:35 Coffee Break
2012/07/25 15:35 - 17:15 AGN 2 Chair: Motoki KINO
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15:3515:55Taehyun JUNGThe impact of the Virgo cluster on the AGN activity
15:5516:15Atsushi MIYAZAKIFlux variability of Sagittarius A* at millimeter wavelength
16:1516:35Shoko KOYAMAOn the position wander of Mrk 501 core with VERA 7mm
16:3516:55Takafumi ISHIDARadio variability on a time scale less than a month -BL Lac object OT 081-
16:5517:15Jonghak WOOThe disk-jet connection in young radio galaxies
2012/07/25 18:30 - 20:30 Conference Dinner
2012/07/26 09:30 - 11:15 Evolved Star Chair: Kee-Tae KIM
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09:3009:45Se-Hyung CHOReport on the evolved star sub working group : results of imaging demonstration in march - April
09:4510:05Youngjoo YUNSimultaneous observation of SiO v=1 and v=2, J=1-0 masers toward WX Psc with KVN+VERA
10:0510:20Naoko MATSUMOTOMaser detectability test with VLBA data
10:2010:40Chulhong MINVERA observations of SiO masers in symbiotic star R Aquarii
10:4011:00Kozue KUSUNOTime variation of H2O masers around S Per for VLBA observations
2012/07/26 11:15 - 11:45 Group Photo
2012/07/26 11:45 - 12:40 Star Forming Region 1 Chair: Takumi NAGAYAMA
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11:4512:00Tomoya HIROTAStatus report of SFRs sub WG
12:0012:20Kee-Tae KIMKVN+VERA observations of masers in massive star-forming regions
12:2012:40Koichiro SUGIYAMAThe size estimation of the 44 GHz methanol maser spots with KVN+VERA
2012/07/26 12:40 - 13:40 Lunch
2012/07/26 13:40 - 15:35 Star Forming Region 2 Chair: Sang-Sung LEE
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13:4014:00Jongsoo KIMWater and methanol maser emissions of NGC 1333
14:0014:20Nagisa SHINOTesting the formation scenario of massive star by CH3OH maser
14:2014:40Mikyoung KIMSiO/water masers in Orion KL
14:4015:00Tomofumi UmemotoRadio flares from the young stellar objects
15:0015:20Yong-Sun ParkSmall scale structure of Galactic molecular clouds toward quasars
2012/07/26 15:35 - 16:05 Coffee Break
2012/07/26 16:05 - 17:00 Discussions Chair: Mareki HONMA, Se-hyung CHO
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16:0516:20Alexander GUSEV12m antenna in Kazan and VLBI experiments at Russian lunar mission "Luna -Glob" and Luna-Resources
16:2016:25Mareki HONMAKey-science policy draft plan
16:2516:30Yohiaki HAGIWARALarge/key science program policy
16:3017:00allDiscussion on general issues