AGN Jets: Top

"Challenges of AGN Jets"

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), in Mitaka, Tokyo

January 17th (Tue) - 20th (Fri), 2017

Jan 17 4D2U tour
Meeting place: Lecture room at the Main building ( C3 in Campus Map)
Meeting time: am 10:45
Tour time: am 11:00-11:30
Tour place: 4D2U dome theater (S4 in Campus Map)

Jan 17 Joint-session "Introduction to black hole shadow"
@Lecture room at the Main building (pm 1:00-4:30)
C3 in Campus Map

Jan 18-20 The workshop "Challenges of AGN jets"
@Large seminar room at the SUBARU building
W1 in Campus Map

Abstract and Registration DEADLINE: December 2nd (Fri), 2016

Formation mechanism of relativistic jets in AGNs is a longstanding problem in astrophysics. Motivated by new exciting results recently obtained by VLBI and comprehensive multi-wavelength studies of AGN jets (from radio to gamma rays), we are organizing a workshop aiming at

  1. presenting observational/theoretical progress and clarifying current challenges of AGN jets, and
  2. having a variety of discussions and exchanging ideas to move forward.

On 17 Jan., we will start from a joint-session of "Introduction to black bole (BH) shadow". In this session, we invite two lecturers as follows:

H. Pu (ASIAA) "Introduction to BH shadow"
K. Akiyama (MIT) "Introduction to BH shadow imaging"

In the workshop (18-20 Jan.), we will address the following topics:

Can jets be explained by Blandford-Znajek model?
What's the origin of spine-structures?
Dissipative Poynting flows? reconnection vs shock?

Can we see G2-disturbance in Sgr A*?
Accretion flow properties in M87?
Dense circumnuclear medium in 3C84 (NGC1275)?

Is the "blazar-sequence" universal?
Radio emission properties at mm/submm domain?

Also, we will have a session in which we will discuss topics linked to sub-mm VLBI with phased-ALMA heading for ALMA cyc 5 proposal.

Keynote talks by theoreticians are also planned.

Invited Speakers : Key Words

Asada, K. (ASIAA) : Accretion flow in M87
Hada, K. (NAOJ) : Spine in M87
Hayashida, M. (U Tokyo) : Blazars in gamma-ray view
Honma, M. (NAOJ) : ALMA-EHT, Black hole shadow
Jung, T. (KASI) : New mm VLBI survey with KVN
Kawashima, T. (NAOJ) : Imprint of G2 encounter in Sgr A*
Nagai, H. (NAOJ) : ALMA, sub-mm VLBI, Radio galaxies
Nakamura, M. (ASIAA) : Streamline and velocity fields in jets
Niinuma, K. (Yamaguchi U) : Blazar-sequence in radio view
Park, J-H. (Seoul Nat. U) : KaVA, M87 velocity field
Wajima, K. (KASI) : KaVA/KVN, Circumnuclear medium in 3C84
Zhao, G-Y. (KASI) : KaVA/KVN, Sgr A*

Keynote Speakers

Ohira, Y. (Aoyama U) : Particle acceleration, Dissipation
Kino, M. (KASI) : Jet energetics
Toma, K. (Tohoku U) : Jet dynamics

Organizing Committees
Kino, M. (KASI, chair), Hada, K. (NAOJ), Tazaki, F. (NAOJ), Kawashima, T. (NAOJ), Niinuma, K. (Yamaguchi U), Komori, A. (NAOJ, secretary)
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