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Dear Colleagues,

 We are pleased to announce two workshops,
“KaVA Science Working Group meeting ” and "The 8th East Asia VLBI workshop 2015".



 KaVA Science Working Group meeting

 Sapporo, Japan, 6 Jul - 7 Jul 2015



The 8th East Asia VLBI workshop 2015

Sapporo, Japan, 8 Jul - 10 Jul 2015



 A lot of notable progress on VLBI and related activities has been achieved recently in East Asia. In Japan, VERA has been continuously producing progressive results in astrometry and astrophysics, while the Japanese VLBI Network (JVN) has achieved regular operation of high-sensitivity array including several 30-m class telescopes. In Korea, the Korean VLBI Network started open-use observations. Furthermore, the joint VLBI array, KVN and VERA array (KaVA), started open-use observations. Now, VERA, KVN and KaVA are open for all the astronomers in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.Large science project with KaVA, in addition,have also kicked-off for extensive studies in star-formation, AGNs, astrometry and evolved stars. In China, Tianma 65-m telescope, which will be a key station of Chinese VLBI Network (CVN), has already started scientific observation. In addition to the Greenland telescope project promoted by ASIAA in Taiwan, the East Asian Core Observatory (EAO) has recently started operation of the James Clerk Maxwell Submillimetre Telescope (JCMT). These telescopes will play a key role in future submillimeter VLBI project in East Asia. In this workshop, future collaborations in East Asia region to enhance VLBI and related activitiesincluding these current / new telescopes will be discussed, based on latest scientific results and technical achievements/developments.

E-mail: eavn2015-loc@nao.ac.jp

 The workshop will be held at the Hokkaido University Conference Hall. Please be aware that the workshop will start from 9:00 JST and end at 17:00 JST. Travel Guides are available on the website of Hokkaido University.





  LOC will not offer supports on your accommodation, because there are a lot of choices for accommodation services in Sapporo. LOC recommends early reservations, because the workshop will be held during the tourist period in Hokkaido. For convenience, LOC also recommends hotels close to the JR Sapporo station or any of the Nanbokusen (North-South line) subway stations.

 People from Korea, Japan, Australia, US and most of European countries do not need visas for short stay. The People's Republic of China Passport Holders are required to have travel permit. (Please check the need on the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html.)

LOC will help to apply it and notify further details about visa issues in 2nd circular.

  Registration will open at 30 Apr. The registration form will be informed later on. It should be noted that all the participants who require visa must be registered until 15 May. The registration deadline for other participants will be 6 June. The application deadline of all the contributed talks and posters is also 6 June.

 Banquet will be held on July 8 and all the participants of both workshops are welcome. Please enjoy one of the best meals in Japan. Detailed information and the application form for banquet will be also informed in 2nd circular.


More information will be provided on the workshop web page later on,
and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact to LOC anytime. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop in Sapporo, Japan.   


 Kazuo Sorai (LOC chair)
 On behalf of LOC