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Travel Guide:
  The workshop will be held at the Hokkaido University Conference Hall.
The University is almost in front of the JR Sapporo Station.
It takes about 40 min to get to the Sapporo station by train from the New-Chitose Airport.

Travel Guides are available on the website of the Hokkaido University. 

 How to get to the Campus
 Campus Map
 Conference Hall

The formal webpage of Sapporo city or Sapporo Tourist Association also provide useful information.


 LOC will not offer supports on your accommodation, because there are a lot of choices for accommodation services in Sapporo.
LOC recommends early reservations, because the workshop will be held during the tourist period in Hokkaido.
For convenience, LOC also recommends hotels close to the JR Sapporo station or any of the Nanbokusen (North-South line) subway stations.

Registration Fee :
 A registration fee is 3,000 JPY (EAVN + KaVA) or 2,000 JPY (EAVN only or KaVA only) per persion.
If you also attend the banquet and excursion, total costs will be about 15,000 JPY.
It will be charged on-site and we don't accept foreign currency.

Banquet :
 Banquet will be held on July 8, 18:30 - 20:30, at the University cafeteria.
All the participants of both workshops are welcome.
Banquet will cost 4,000 JPY for students and 5,000 JPY for others.

Excursion :
  We will have one-day trip to the farm Tomita in Furano at July 11.
Two chartered buses will depart from the Conference Hall at 8:30 AM, and get back at 18:00 PM.
Additional cost for the excursion is about 6,000 JPY including Lunch, which can vary depending on a number of participants.
Banquet and excursion fee will be charged at reception.

Self Introduction of participants:
  Book of "Self Introduction of participants" will be distributed in the workshop.
The main aim of this book is understanding each other. Please download the example files below for reference.
If you agree with this book, please put your picture and write some information in the file.
Please send the edited file to Hachisuka ( ; please replace _at_ to @).
The deadline is 27, May 2015. If you can not edit the MS word file, please contact to Hachisuka.