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Conference Room
 Large Seminar Room, 1st floor of Subaru building, NAOJ, Mitaka, Tokyo.
 URL :

 Visitor can use SSID "naoj-open".

 If you book a hotel by yourself, hotels listed below are recommended,
 which are near to JR Musashi-sakai or Keio-line Chofu station.
 ・Hotel Mets Musashisakai(HP:
 ・Business Hotel Citytel Musashisakai(HP: [Japanese only])
        (Trip Advisor: )
 ・Hotel LiVEMAX Chofu-Ekimae(HP:
 ・Hotel Twins Chofu(HP: [Japanese only])
        (Trip Advisor: )
 ・Hotel Nobes Chofu(HP: [Japanese only])
        (Trip Advisor:
 ・Chofu Creston Hotel(HP:

 Banquet will be held at the NAOJ cafeteria.
   Date: Jan. 19 (Thu.)
   Fee: 3000 yen
   Start: pm 5:45