AGN Jet Workshop 2018

"Dawn of a New Era for Black Hole Jets in Active Galaxies"

Aoba Science Hall in Science Complex C, Aobayama Campus, Tohoku University, Sendai

January 25th (Thu) morning - 27th (Sat) early afternoon

Co-hosted by Tohoku University and NAOJ/Mizusawa VLBI Observatory

Photo taken by Taiki Ogiwara: [png] [pdf]

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Collimated outflows (jets) associated with black holes in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) still remain mysterious phenomena in the universe. Their driving mechanism, interaction with the ambient medium, and emission mechanism are major problems in astrophysics. In the recent decade, the VLBI and multi-wavelength observations (from radio to gamma-rays) as well as numerical simulations at theoretical side have greatly progressed. Particularly, VLBI activities around East Asia (Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), Korean VLBI Network (KVN), VERA, KVN and VERA Array (KaVA), Japanese VLBI Network (JVN), East Asian VLBI Network (EAVN), Green Land Telescope etc) are now growing very rapidly. Many observational data with high sensitivity and high spatial/time resolution are being obtained. We are now at the dawn of a new era for AGN jet study. In this context, we will focus on discussing how these data can be utilized to test major theories/models on various mechanisms in jets and disks and finding new directions of observational/theoretical analysis and methods.

Invited Speakers:

Akiyama K. (MIT/NRAO)                : EHT imaging

Amano T. (Univ of Tokyo)               : Theory of particle acceleration

Asano K. (Univ of Tokyo)                : Theory of High Energy Emission

Hayashida M. (Chiba Univ)             : Observation of High Energy Emission

Honma M. (NAOJ/Mizusawa)         : EHT overview

Jung T. (KASI)                    : Science of Korean VLBI Network (KVN)

Niinuma K. (Yamaguchi Univ)         : Science of Japanese VLBI Network (JVN)

Nakamura M. (ASIAA)                 : Jet theory, numerical simulation

Park J-H (Seoul National Univ)       : M87 observations

Pu H.-Y. (Perimeter Institute)          : Black hole shadow model

Shen Z.-Q. (SHAO)                  : VLBI activities in China

Shibata S. (Yamagata Univ)             : Theory of pulsar magnetosphere

Zhao G.-Y. (KASI)                  : EAVN and Sgr A* observation

Important dates:

- Registration and abstract submission deadline: December 17

- Registration deadline for those who do not plan a talk/poster: January 14

- For those who need VISA, please contact the organizers by December 3

Organizing Committees:

Toma K. (Tohoku Univ, chair), Hada K. (NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI, co-chair), Kino M. (Kogakuin Univ/NAOJ)

Contact address:

Secretaries, Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University


JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 15H05437

JST grant Building of Consortia for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology