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1. How to access Sendai city

From Haneda Airport / Narita Airport in Tokyo

First go to the Tokyo Station from the airport by train or bus. Sendai is connected with the Tokyo Station by the JR Tohoku Shinkansen. There are four kinds of Tohoku Shinkansen named Hayabusa, Hayate, Komachi and Yamabiko, all of which stop at the Sendai Station. Hayabusa, Hayate and Komachi trains take 100 minutes to travel between Sendai and Tokyo and require seat reservations. Yamabiko trains have some unreserved seating and take about two hours. Shinkansens depart Tokyo roughly every 15-20 minutes. The fare from Tokyo to Sendai is about 11000yen.

Alternatively, you can use a connection flight from Narita Airport to Sendai Airport. There are two flights per day operated by the All Nippon Airways (ANA), a Star Alliance member company. If you use Air China, Asiana Airlines, United, Air Canada, Lufthansa, etc., there should be code-share connection flights with ANA.

Note that there are frequent limousine buses connecting between Haneda Airport an Narita Airport. From Haneda, however, it takes about 65-85min to reach Narita depending on the traffic condition.

From Sendai Airport

The easiest way is to take a public railway transportation called the Sendai Access Airport Line that connects between the airport and the Sendai Station. It takes about 20 minutes between the airport and the station. You can find more information below:

2. How to access the venue from Sendai station

A convenient way is to take a subway line named the "Tozai Line (東西線)" (blue colored) and get off at the Aobayama(青葉山) station. It takes 10 minutes from the Sendai station. Exit the Aobayama station from the North-1 exit, and then you will see a large arc-shaped building (called Science Complex C) to the left hand side of you (at about 100m from the station). You can see a convenience store Seven Eleven at the ground floor of the building. Enter that building and the venue, the Aoba Science Hall, is at the ground floor (the same floor of the Seven Eleven).

Below you may also refer to the university's website and the interactive map of the Aobayama Campus:
Please zoom in the interactive map, then you can find the "H04" building to the north of the station. That is the Science Complex C, our conference venue.

3. Accommodation

We suggest that participants book their accommodations by themselves. There are many hotels around the Sendai Station at reasonable prices. Here a few suggested examples. If you need any assistance for your hotel booking, please feel free to ask the organizers.
Library Hotel Sendai
Hotel Premium Green Hills
Bel Air

4. Banquet

A small banquet is planned on January 26 at a university cafeteria. The cost will be about 3000-4000 yen.

5. About Sendai and Miyagi prefecture

Sendai is the capital of Miyagi prefecture and the largest city in the northeast (Tohoku) region in the mainland of Japan. Although this area is generally cold and snowy in late-January, there are still various places nearby for sightseeing, food, landscapes, shopping, hot spring etc. Below are some useful links where you can discover various things about Sendai city and Miyagi prefecture.