SGM100h grid data

Grid data calculated from spherical harmonic coefficients of lunar gravity field model SGM100h (Matsumoto et al., 2010).

Available here are 1 degree by 1 degree grid data and map images for free-air gravity anomaly, Bouguer gravity anomaly, and selenoid (geoid of the Moon). The grid data are tabulated in the order of longitude, latitude, and the value. Units are mGal for the gravity anomalies and meter for the selenoid.

The map is centered on 270 degree east longitude, with the nearside on the right and the farside on the left. A crustal density of 2800 kg/m3 is assumed for the calculation of the Bouguer gravity anomaly.

When citing this data in a paper, we would appreciate if you add the above paper in the references.
Related Paper
Matsumoto, K., Goossens, S., Ishihara, Y., Liu, Q., Kikuchi, F., Iwata, T., Namiki, N., Noda, H., Hanada, H., Kawano, N., Lemoine, F.G., Rowlands, D.D.: 2010, An improved lunar gravity field model from SELENE and historical tracking data: revealing the farside gravity features, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 115, , doi:10.1029/2009JE003499.