Lunar topographic grid data

Lunar topographic grid data, an updated version of Araki et al. (2009).

Lunar global topographic data with 1/16 degrees resolution. The file contains the information of longitude (degree), latitude (degree), and topography (km). The reference surface of the topography is a sphere with 1737.4 km radius and center of mass as its origin.

The resolution near equator is about 1.9km by 1.9km. The longitudinal resolution at latitude of 60 degree is about 0.95 km.


When citing this data in a paper, we would appreciate if you add the above paper in the references.
Related Paper
Araki, H., Tazawa, S., Noda, H., Ishihara, Y., Goossens, S., Sasaki, S., Kawano, N., Kamiya, I., Otake, H., Oberst, J., Shum, C.: 2009, Lunar Global Shape and Polar Topography Derived from Kaguya-LALT Laser Altimetry, Science, 323, 897-900, doi:10.1126/science.1164146.