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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2009 common use

Number of accepted proposals : 8
Total observing time for 2009 common use : 278

Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
47 Mapping SiO Maser Distribution in the Unusual Variable, IU Peg Sakamoto, Tsuyoshi Japan Space Guard Association Stars 48 (8x6)
48 Search for hidden AGN in Arp 220 with absorption line of NH3 Sawada-Sato Satoko Yamaguchi university Stars 13 (13x1)
49 Revealing the origin of short-term small flares in AGN Kadota Akiko Yamaguchi university AGNs 68 (8.5x8)
50 Does the core of Gamma-ray blazor Mrk 501 move ? Motoki Kino NAOJ AGNs 16 (8x2)
52 Study of 3-D structure of OH maser in AGB stars based parallax measurements Kurayama Tomoharu Kagoshima university Stars 36 (6x6)
53 Probing the ??-ray Emission Site of 3C 84 H. Nagai NAOJ AGNs 50 (10x5)
54 Relative proper motions of H2O maser spots in NGC 6334 I(N) Imai Hiroshi Kagoshima University Star forming regions 15 (3x5)
55 Astrometry of the radio core of the low-luminosity AGN M 104 (Sombrero galaxy) II K.Hada Sokendai AGNs 32 (8x4)

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