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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2010 common use

Number of accepted proposals : 8
Total observing time for 2010 common use : 348

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
56 Simultaneous Observations of Microquasar Cyg X-3 and Star-Forming Region W75N with Dual Beam: Flares and Jets, Masers and Proper Motion Soon-Wook Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Others 32 (8x4)
57 Phase-Referencing Measurement of the Jet Speed Originated in the Recent Activity of 3C 84 H. Nagai ISAS/JAXA AGNs 40 (8x5)
58 The distance to the binary AGB star W Aql S. Ramstedt Argelander Institut fur Astronomie (AIfA) Stars 54 (6x9)
61 Relative Proper Motions and Astrometry of H2O Maser Spots in NGC 6334I(N) Chibueze, James Okwe Kagoshima University Star forming regions 20 (4x5)
62 What determines asymmetric structure of GPS radio source 2134+004 ? Kiyoaki Wajima Yamaguchi Univ. AGNs 20 (10x2)
63 Studying Galactic rotation with red super giants: is density wave theory in spiral galaxies correct ? Yoshiharu Asaki ISAS/JAXA Others 54 (6x9)
64 Search for core position wander of gamma-ray blazar Mrk 501 Shoko Koyama NAOJ AGNs 96 (8x12)
65 VERA - Suzaku joint observations of a giant flare on V773 Tau at periastron passage T. Umemoto NAOJ Star forming regions 32 (8x4)

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