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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2011 common use

Number of accepted proposals : 7
Total observing time for 2011 common use : 402

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
66 VLBI sampling of SiO v = 3 (J = 1 ?? 0) maser sources Y. Imai Kagoshima University Stars 50 (25x2)
69 Probing the core activity of broad absorption line quasars T.J.Hayashi NAOJ AGNs 40 (10x4)
70 Q-band imaging survey Sang-Sung Lee KASI AGNs 120 (120x1)
71 Mapping observations of the 6.7 GHz methanol maser sources showing both characteristics of class I and class II Shino, Nagisa NRO, NAOJ/Yamaguchi U. Star forming regions 14 (14x1)
72 Astrometry of the H2O Masers in the Periodic Flux Variation Source G12.681?|0.182 K. Sugiyama Yamaguchi University Star forming regions 42 (7x6)
74 Two Topics with Dual Beam: Masers and Evolution of Outflows in Star-forming Region W75N and Flares and Jets in Black Hole Microquasar Cyg X-3 with KVN Soon-Wook Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Star forming regions others 56 (8x7)
76 Measurements of the velocity eld of the M87 jet at 10-1000 Schwarzschild radii from the black hole K.Hada Sokendai AGNs 80 (8x10)

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