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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2012 common use

Number of accepted proposals : 6
Total observing time for 2012 common use : 358

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
77 Flux variability monitoring of broad absorption line (BAL) quasars M. Kunert-Bajraszewska TCfA AGNs 40 (10x4)
78 Probing the jet associated with the O-type protostar in NGC7538 IRS1 L. Moscadelli INAF-Arcetri Star forming regions 32 (8x4)
79 Tracing jets from B-type (proto)stars with H2O masers R. Cesaroni Osservatorio di Arcetri Star forming regions 40 (8x5)
80 VERA/VLTI campaign observations of W Hydrae Y. Imai Kagoshima University Stars 30 (10x3)
82 Limits on the core-jitter of the nearby TeV ??-ray blazar Mrk 421 K. Niinuma Yamaguchi Univ. AGNs 96 (12x86)
83 The multi-epoch VERA observations of the galactic center Sgr A* before and after the?@encounter with the Gas Cloud G2 Kazunori Akiyama The University of Tokyo/NAOJ AGNs 120 (20x6)

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