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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2013 (2014A) common use

Number of accepted proposals : 4
Total observing time for 2013 (2014A) common use : 140.5

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
2 Annual parallax measurement of the water fountain source IRAS 18113-2503 G. Orosz Kagoshima University Stars 40 (8x5)
3 Exploring M87's jet launching/accelerating regions in Schwarzschild radius scale by multi-frequency astrometric monitoring with VERA K. Hada NAOJ/INAF-IRA AGNs 72 (9x8)
4 Monitoring Sgr A* before and after the encounter with the Gas Cloud G2 II K.Akiyama The University of Tokyo/NAOJ AGNs 18 (3x6)
8 Revealing the structure of water maser disk in NGC4945's AGN Aya Yamauchi Mizusawa VERA Observatory AGNs 10.5 (3x3.5)

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