VERA Toppage  

Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2015A common use

Number of accepted proposals : 5
Total observing time for 2015A common use : 178

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation Category total observing time
98 First VLBI mapping of circumstellar v = 0 J = 1?? 0 SiO maser emission Hiroshi Imai Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University Stars 20 (2x10)
100 The connection between the parsec-scale radio jet and ??-ray activity in OJ 287 S. Sawada-Satoh Mizusawa VLBI Observatory/NAOJ AGNs 48 (6x8)
103 VLBI Imaging for a Peculiar Radio-Loud Narrow Line Seyfert 1 T. Morokuma University of Tokyo AGNs 8 (1x8)
104 VERA multi-frequency monitoring of M87 jet at Schwarzschild scale K. Hada NAOJ AGNs 72 (9x8)
105 Pilot astrometry observations for H2O maser sources beyond the Galactic center Hachisuka Kazuya Yamaguchi University Star Forming regions 30 (2x15)

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