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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2015B common use

Number of accepted proposals : 4
Total observing time for 2015B common use : 124

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation total observing time
108 Origin of the Energetic High-velocity Comapct Cloud CO-0.40-0.22 Oka, Tomoharu Keio University 24 (12x2)
110 Parallax and Proper Motion of Stellar SiO Masers in the Bulge Y. Pihlstr?Nom UNM 30 (6x5)
111 Bullets and shock waves in circumstellar envelopes traced by shapes of water maser spots Hiroshi Imai Kagoshima University 50 (1x50)
112 Proper motion measurements of compact radio sources in the Galaxy center region Seina Kimura Yamaguchi Univ. 20 (4x5)

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