Activities of Mizusawa Astrogeodynamics Observatory

The Mizusawa Astrogeodynamics Observatory consists of the following three groups which are responsible for observations, instrumental developments, maintenance of the computer system, data management, and services for cooperative use of the facilities. Further, the observatory is acting as the correlation center of the Japanese VLBI network (J- NET).

1) Geodynamics Data Center group: promotes international cooperation for geodynamical research. This group handles the VLBI Data Analysis Center in the framework of the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), and is responsible for the management of the computer, databases and software.

2) Esashi Earth Tides Station group: is responsible for regular geodetic and geophysical observations made at the observatory, and develops and maintains necessary instruments.

3) Astronomical Observation, Gravity, and Time Keeping group: conducts VLBI observations and correlation processing, and constantly monitor gravity changes using absolute gravimeters, and keeps UTC through the use of Cs- and H- maser frequency standards and GPS time synchronization.