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Fringe detection between VERA and Kashima/Nobeyama/Tsukuba via optical-fiber (vol.29: 2006.3.1)

We have successfully obtained fringes between VERA and other stations that are linked to Mitaka correlation center with optical fiber.
On 13 December 2005, X-band observing data at Tsukuba 32m was transferred to Mitaka and recorded there on magnetic tape with VERA DIR2000 recording system (1 Giga bit/s), and later successfully correlated with tape-based data taken at VERA Mizusawa station. Similar experiments were carried out on 24 December 2005 with Kashima 34m / Nobeyama 45m and VERA stations, and fringes were detected at both 22 GHz and 43 GHz.

These successful fringe detections make it possible to boost up the sensitivity and imaging capability of VERA array by inclusion of Tsukuba 32m / Kashima 34 m / Nobeyama 45m with a data rate of 1 Gbps.

Fringes of SiO maser in R Leo at 43 GHz, obtained on 24 December 2005.
Left is for Nobeyama 45m - VERA Mizusawa 20m, right for Kashima 34m - VERA Mizusawa 20m.