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VERA Project's Pamphlets (In Japanese)

Latest version

1P Cover page (JPEG: 70KB / JPEG: 153KB)
2P-3P Mapping the Milky Way (JPEG: 107KB / JPEG: 282KB)
4P-5P VLBI array with 2300km Diameter (JPEG: 88KB / JPEG: 214KB)
6P-7P Phase-referencing Astrometry with VERA (JPEG: 102KB / JPEG: 254KB)
8P Back cover (JPEG: 61KB / JPEG: 161KB)

1999/06 version

1P cover page (JPEG: 48KB)
2P-3P science with VERA - from the Earth to the Universe (JPEG: 93KB)
4P-5P toward the 3-D map of the Galaxy with VERA (JPEG: 94KB)
6P unique characteristic of VERA - differential VLBI (JPEG: 50KB)
7P location of VERA antennas (JPEG: 46KB)
8P stereograph of galaxies and VLBI antennas (JPEG: 40KB)