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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2006 common use

Number of proposed observations : 9
Number of accepted proposals : 6
Total observing time for 2006 common use : 342

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation total observing time
VERA only
1 Revealing the nature of the compact star in X-ray binary LSI+61 303 by orbit measurements Mareki Honma NAOJ - 70
2 Monitoring Flares and Imaging Jets in Microquasar Cygnus X-3 Soon-Wook Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute - 40
4 Parsec-scale radio emission, accretion disk, and broad-line region in 3C390.3 A.P.Lobanov MPIfR 80 -
6 A Search for Supermassive Black-Hole Binaries in Twin-Jet AGNs Seiji Kameno Kagoshima University - 120
8 Multi-line obserations of H2O and CH3OH masers for studying formation mechanism of massive stars Koichiro Sugiyama Yamaguchi University - 0*
9 Phase-referencing observations of semi-regular variable VX Sgr and its mass loss mechanism Ryuichi Kamohara NAOJ - 32
total 80 262

* project observation data will be provided

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