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Common Use

List of accepted proposals for 2007 common use

Number of proposed observations : 16
Number of accepted proposals : 9
Total observing time for 2007 common use : 431.5

No. Proposal Title Person affiliation total observing time
1 Study of the Kinematically Peculiar Star Z Cyg S. Deguchi NAOJ - 40 (10x4)
6 Revealing the nature of the compact star in X-ray binary LSI+61 303 by orbit measurements - 2 Mareki Honma NAOJ 42 (7x6) -
2 AGN Core Wander and the Stability of the Celestial Reference Frame K. Johnston U.S. Naval Observatory 37.5 (7.5x5) -
11 Studying the Nature of the Massive Young Star S140 IRS1 Hsu-Tai Lee Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica 80 (10x8) -
3 Distances to Galactic Water Masers Kazi L.J. Rygl MPIfR 72 (9x8) -
5 A Trigonometric Parallax for the Luminous Supergiant AH Sco Bo Zhang Astronomy Department, Nanjing University 24 (6x4) -
4 Astrometry of Flaring Microquasar Cygnus X-3 Soon-Wook Kim Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 48 (8x6) -
8 Phase-referencing observations of semi-regular variable VX Sgr and its mass loss mechanism R. Kamohara NAOJ 40 (8x5) -
16 Monitoring Binary Black Hole Candidates with Twin Jets Seiji Kameno Kagoshima University 48 (24x2) -
total 391.5 40

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