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Oral presentation:
Each presentation will last 15 minutes (12 +3) (TBD) including questions.

Poster format:
The maximum size for posters is A0 portrait.

 KaVA SWG meeting
 EAVN workshop

KaVA satellite meeting:
Only satellite meetings of each KaVA sub-working group (AGNs, SFR, Evolved stars) will be held on July, 6.
If one is interested in these meeting, please contact a leader of each sub-working group or LOC.

AGNs group leader:
Motoki Kino (KASI)
Bon-Won Sohn (KASI)

SFR group leader:
Tomoya Hirota (NAOJ)
kee-Tae Kim (KASI)

Evolved stars group leader:
Hiroshi Imai (Kagoshima University)
Se-Hyung Cho (KASI)