Instrument Development

Development of instruments is one of the essential elements for astronomy and planetary science.

VERA group have developed a new recorder (OCTAVIA and OCTADISK) and a software correlator (OCTACOR2) to replace the current magnetic tape recorder (DIR2000) and the ASIC correlator (FX) that are based on old parts and peripheral instruments.

We have a plan to expand recording bandwidth to 8 Gbps from current 1 Gbps by combinations of them. The expansion of bandwidth will enable higher sensitivity observation and high accurate astrometry. OCTACOR2 has been developed with NICT.

RISE group is conducting the development of scientific instruments for the lunar and planetary exploration.

In KAGUYA(SELENE) lunar mission, which was launched in 2007, we developed two instruments: i) the laser altimeter (LALT), which measures the range between spacecraft and the lunar surface, and ii) VLBI radio sources (VRAD) and radio wave transponder (RSAT), which are tracked from the ground station for the estimation of precise lunar gravity field.

We will develop laser altimeters aboard Japanese Hayabusa-2 mission to asteroid, and European JUICE (Jupiter ICy moons Explorer) mission to the Jovian system, and instruments based on the radio wave techniques.

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