Yamaguchi Station

Yamaguchi 32-m radio telescope is a collaborative effort of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Yamaguchi University, and it is the forth largest parabola antenna in Japan. The telescope is located in Yamaguchi City, about 100 km north-east from Fukuoka. Currently, three receivers at 6.7, 8.3 and 22 GHz are installed. Yamaguchi 32-m telescope is used not only for a single-dish mode but also for a VLBI station of the Japanese VLBI Network (JVN). The telescope is also expected to be a co-observing telescope with the East Asia VLBI Network (EAVN) and the space VLBI project.


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From Tokyo Station

From Tokyo Station

From Tokyo International Airport

From Tokyo International Airport


34° 12' 58" N
131° 33' 26" E


TEL 083-933-5673

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